We advise you have the following minimum system configuration in your web server .

  • Wordpress version 5.4
  • Requires PHP: 5.2

WordPress Installation

This theme has been developed only for WordPress 4.0 or higher versions. So, you need to install WP before you can use this theme. Please see the CMS installation process. Here you can find the documentation WordPress Codex – Installing WordPress

WordPress theme installation

WordPress theme is a group of files, called template, bundled together that, when activated in CMS, determines the look and basic functions of your site. By using the Skillate theme, you can have your site up and running with a new design – pretty fast.

Installing the WordPress theme is a very easy process. Once you have selected your theme, you can install it on your WordPress website. There are two options to install themes, similar to plugin installation in WordPress:

  • You can add the theme directly from within the WP Admin, using the “Upload Theme” option. From Admin Panel go the following path Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme and select the appropriate zipped theme file, then click Install Now.
  • If your server is not set up properly or you have any problem, you’ll have to extract and then upload the theme manually. Using your favorite FTP client tool upload the theme folder into the folder path /wp-content/themes/ on your server and activate it from the admin panel.

Note: On your WordPress site, the wp-content/themes folder has all your themes. Each theme you install gets its own subfolder. All of the theme’s stylesheets and template files reside inside the theme’s folder.

Helpful Resources

To learn about some important things you should do after installing WordPress,head over to this blog post

some more features by wordpress codex


To get started with adding the Public Blog theme with your WordPress site, you need to follow the below step by step instructions.

How to Install

  • Download the theme file from
  • Unzip the downloaded file.
  • You will find the theme inside the Theme Pack Folder. You have to upload the file to your WordPress installation.

After the successful installation of the theme click on the Activate button and enjoy the theme features. After activating, this theme will be used for the whole site instead of the default WordPress theme.


Admin Panel > Appearance > Customize

There you find various available Options. After experimenting with all thoes options, you will know how the theme works and can customize the website as you like.

Site Identity

Customize > Site Identity

You will get the options to manage Site title, Tagline, and Logo.
Use the available options to customize the Logo, Site title, and Tagline.

Public Blog Theme options


Customize > Public Blog Theme Option > Social

Give social links here

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • LinkedIn
  • Medium
  • Etsy

If any field is empty then icons of that social site will not be shown in header and footer section.

Post Settings

Customize > Public Blog Theme Option > Post Settings

Following elements can be either shown or hidden in any post listing page

  • Posted Date
  • Read Time

Provide excerpt size here.

Can also set the custom text for "Read More"

Canvas Sidebar

Customize > Public Blog Theme Option > Canvas Sidebar

In this "About Me" like section just give following information of Author

  • Author Name
  • Author Description
  • Choose Author Profile Image
  • Social site link of Author(Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Medium)

Footer Options

Customize > Public Blog Theme Option > Footer Options

Add your widgets in widgets area: Footer1, Footer2, Footer3, Footer4

Custom text options for Copyright text and Powered By text in footer section

Single Page Setting

Customize > Public Blog Theme Option > Single Page Setting

Here also following elements can be either shown or hidden in single page(post)

  • Related Posts
  • Next/Previous Post Link

Can also set the custom text for "Related Posts"

Other Options

Customize > Public Blog Theme Option > Other Options
  • Sticky Header
  • Go To Top Button


Admin Panel > Appearance > Customize

Widgets lets you add and update some extra feature on your site like pages, text, images etc.
You can drag and drop any features in appropriate of the widgets in following widgets area: